How do I know if I am ready to take a Cambridge exam?
The ‘Mock’ practice examination, which you will be taking at the end of January/ beginning of February, aims to determine general reading, writing and listening skills as well as general knowledge of both English grammar and lexis. While we appreciate the difficulty of the exam at this stage of the course, and the fact that it may or may not contain language you have been studying in class, students in the past have commented that it is a very worthwhile exercise, and one that has helped them decide whether or not they feel confident, and prepared to sit the real Cambridge examination. This will take up approximately three hours of class time as well as some work to be done at home. Once the examination has been marked, your teacher, in consultation with the school's educational team, will be able to give you his or her personal assessment and recommendation in an individual tutorial. This recommendation is designed to help you make your decision regarding whether to sit this or a following exam session.

However, we must emphasise that when we recommend a student, it is with the following assumptions:
  • The learner has achieved an overall grade of 60%.
  • The learner will continue studying English between the Mock and the time of the exam; the recommendation assumes approximately 50 hours further classroom attendance.
  • The learner will have time to complete self-study tasks set by the teacher.
  • It is a recommendation, not a guarantee.

May I take the exam if I am not recommended?
Yes. These examinations are organised by Cambridge University, and entrance is open to all who agree to their regulations. We simply offer our students the possibility of registering for the examination through our reception desks. However, we are confident that our recommendation will be taken seriously and we will continue to offer you quality language teaching as well as assisting you in your preparation regardless of the decision you make.

How do I register and when can I take the exam?
For all the Cambridge examinations, we offer direct registration at school receptions. The advantages of registering with your centre is that we shall take care of the administration procedures, pre and post registration, on your behalf, and that you will have a direct contact at the school for any further administration doubts or problems that we can resolve for you.

Our registration period for the June exam session will be from .........

Exam date: ............
Price: .............
Administration fee: ..............

I've registered for the exam - what now?

In May (probably) you will be given your Statement of registration.

This includes:

  • your personal details
  • your candidate number
  • the date, times and location of your written exam
  • the date, times and location of your speaking exam which is on a different day
  • instructions on how you can access your results